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With a rapidly growing economy and fast rising incomes in India, there has been a persistent demand for quality homes. The demand for homes is also coming from various categories of people. There is that section of people who are in the middle tier and prefer a house that offers them the required shelter and they go for accommodation that fulfils the basic needs replete with all the utilities. This category also included those who want to get away from the troubles of rented accommodation and pay inflated rents and wants to own a piece of property for them.

Next there is that category of the society who can afford to pay a little more and avail the luxuries of life. They demand better living standards such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, children’s park, unlimited power backup and all the other requirements that fit the ultra-modern life style.

There is also another category that wants to be away from the bustle of apartment life and want individual houses of their own. This section of people is able to afford to pay a little more for their won privacy. They want the luxury of an independent home and want all the amenities along with it. People who are serving in white-collar jobs in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East also feel the need to come back to their own soil after serving there for several years to be near their kith and kin and also provide high quality education to their children and inculcating family and social values.

The Trinity Group has come forward in this direction to cater to these multi-faceted requirements with a wide array of construction plans. We have set up the ‘TRINITY INFRAHOMES PVT. LTD.’ as the business arm in the construction arena. Our associations with the leading faces in the construction business such as DLF, Unitech etc. and also our deep rooted nexus with leading companies manufacturing construction materials have been used as a platform to come forth with accurate planning and timely conclusion of a project. Our Trinity Infra Homes focuses on the construction of houses using pre-fabricated wooden structures, a highly innovative concept in the construction space.

We have largely enjoyed success due to

  1. Innovative use of resources
  2. Acute usage of the capital inflow
  3. Adept management skills
  4. Professionalization in handling every aspect

Our astute skills in managing every project have enabled us to garner a rich reputation which we intend to carry forward with every residential project that we undertake.