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The involvement of the Trinity Group in the construction business and the business acumen that our team happened to possess helped us achieve great success in the construction and residential arena. We cherish a long awaited dream of providing the best available facilities to our valued customers and we have been successful in achieving a large portion of our conceived project.

It is the priority of the Trinity Group that we create the interiors that has a personalised touch so that he or she feels an oneness with the abode.  Our interior decoration team is sufficiently skilled and come with an extreme professional approach.

We render unparalleled turnkey solutions both in the commercial and residential arenas. We provide the clients with designs and plans with peerless solutions and suit the corporate ambience. We have a professional interiors team that conceives, modulates and executes the entire design process with extreme diligence. The key to our success has been our strict adherence to the client requirements and permitting client involvement in the project. From the interior décor to the wall paints and even the lighting that we enable the create the right blend of corporate dictum and professionalism.

The team lays emphasis on the drawing room which is most frequented portion of the house. This room is therefore given all the imaginative thinking and the acquired talent in its decoration so that it is eye catching and also grabs the attention of all the people who visit the place. The colour selections in the homes are such that they blend with the furniture and all other decorative items in the room. Enough thought is spared on the ambient light during the day and night so that it keeps the visitor engrossed with its patterns.

We also provide our homes with interiors in contemporary style keeping in view the preference of today’s generation. We ensure that the interiors are well-heeled, informal and inviting and at the same time is not looking dingy. The contemporary look is being preferred at the offices as well. Contemporary designs are characterized by clear lines and are simple and sophisticated at the same time. We choose colours that draw out more space into the rooms and has the visitor enthralled with the splendour of colours that he is witnessing in the living room.

We also ensure that the dining rooms infuse a flavour of affection and familiarity so that there is a feel of oneness among the members of the family. We take pains to decorate the children’ rooms, the study room so that there is a lot of life and camaraderie in the house. 

We also ensure that the other parts of the house such as the bathrooms ooze a sense of freshness with brightly coloured walls and pleasantly designed utilities.

Our success has been marked by: -

  • An  everlasting commitment to provide the best
  • An efficient decoration team
  • An enriched treatment to every aspect
  • A personalised touch to every portion of the house